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  • Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus
  • Mammillaria luethyi
  • Ariocarpus retusus San Rafael form
  • Haworthia truncata
  • Pelecyphora aselliformis
  • Mammillaria theresae
  • Agave victoriae-reginae
  • Agave victoriae-reginae 'Golden Princess'
  • Agave victoriae-reginae 'White Rhino'
  • Brachystelma barberae
  • Avonia quinaria ssp. alstonii
  • Avonia quinaria ssp. quinaria
  • Ariocarpus retusus cristate
  • Cleistocactus jujuyensis
  • Echinocereus sp. Lau 1551
  • Ferocactus stainesii var. pilosus
  • Leuchtenbergia principis
  • Mammillaria guelzowiana
  • Cleistocactus jujuyensis
  • Echinocereus rayonesensis
  • Neochilenia echinus
  • Pseudolithos migiurtinus
  • Mammillaria hahniana
  • Rebutia sp. (syn. Sulcorebutia sp.)
  • Mammillaria formosa ssp. pseudocrucigera
  • Rebutia mentosa ssp. purpurea (syn. Sulcorebutia purpurea HS115a)



We are presently updating to a brand new website. Shortly this current Website will disappear as we introduce an exciting new one. We ask you bear with us at this time & we believe it's a wonderful new phase for our Society.

The Cactus and Succulent Society of New South Wales Inc is one of Australia's oldest, largest and most dynamic cactus and succulent societies. We hope you enjoy these pages and find them informative.

 We have a diverse membership throughout Australia and from overseas, with members of all ages coming from all walks of life to share the immense pleasure and sense of achievement that comes from propagating and growing these fascinating plants, including some of the most unusual and rarest plants in the world.




New Plant List - Paul Forster

Paul Forster's latest plant list (WINTER 2018 ) is now available.

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New Plant List - Terry Tierney

Terry's plant list for 2017 is now available

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New Plant List - Lester Meyer

Lester Meyers' plants and cuttings list for 2018 will be advised in due course.

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2019 Autumn/Winter Show - Saturday 1st June

Society's 2019 Autumn/Winter Show