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New Book Launch - Attila Kapitany

New Book Launch - Attila Kapitany

Fri 22 May 2015


(including bulbous, cormous and tuberous plants)

The heading of this note constitutes the title of the most recent publication, launched at the Mildura Get Together in May this year, by Attila Kapitany in his "The Australian Series". This Series is a collection of shorter publications in the more popular A4 size magazine/booklet format, printed on high quality paper, with soft covers

This Volume (being Volume 8 of The Australian Series) contains twenty-four pages (including covers), commences with an Introduction to the subject and lists various Australian plant genera which have species that produce swollen succulent storage organs, mostly underground. The book is not, and is not intended to be, and exhaustive, technical or scientific tome on the subject; rather it provides a brief, largely pictorial, overview of some of the most celebrated and spectacular garden-worthy native bulb species. The book concludes with a section on cultivation and includes links to a number of websites for information about native bulbs as well as links to sources of seeds and plants.

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