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Cacti and Succulent Links

Listed below are links to various sites, many of which contain lots of information (both general and specialist), inlcuding information on propagation and wonderful photograps of plants of many genera, all of which will be of interest to anyone interested in cacti and other succulents, whether experienced growers or novices. There are also links to general horticultural sites, which in turn provide links to other sites that may be of general interest.

There are also some links to on-line libraries, giving free access to digital copies of many classic cacti and succulent publications that have long ceased to be available in hard copy.

We hope that you are able to find something of interest to you.

Check back regularly for updates and additions, which will be made from time to time.


Specialist Sites

Cactus Mall

Apart from being our favourite host and main link page, Cactus Mall is a major resource for web links to cactus and succulent web pages. You will find most anything you need on this site.

The Succulent Plant Page

Another great resource for cacti and succulents.

Ariocarpus Living Rocks of Mexico

An amazing site. It has to be the definitive Ariocarpus online resource.

Succulent Euphorbias

A huge body of information on succulent members of the Euphorbeaceae, covering the genera Euphorbia, CnidoscolusJatropha, Monadenium, Pedilanthus, Phyllanthus and Synadenium.


Look no further than this site for information on the Agavaceae (including Agave, Beschormeria, Furcraea, Hesperaloe, Hesperoyucca and Yucca).

Achim Hecktheuer's Mesemb Site

A comprehensive body of information covering Conophytum, Lithops and other mesembs.

Home of the Fat Plants

Home of the Yahoo Fat Plants Group. Click on link to go direct to The Fat Plant Photo Gallery .


Ingo Breuer's very comprehensive, and easy to navigate, site on haworthias, including an extensive gallery of photos and great growing information.


A sister site to the Agavaceae site. Coverage inludes Adromischus, Cotyledon, Crassula, Echeveria, Graptopetalum, Sedum and Tylecodon


This site provides great coverage of this genus and contains all you need to know about the genus. Excellent site with extensive information on, and many images of members of, this diverse genus.

Cacti Guide

A very extensive site covering virtually every genera of cacti. The site includes identification guides, links to various cactus articles, growing tips and details of pests and diseases together with treatment suggestions.


A very good site, produced by a Discocactus Study Group in Europe, which is dedicated solely to this genus and provides extensive information on the genus and detailed cultivation information.


This site provides a useful introduction to this genus for anyone interested in growing these succulents. The site provides detailed information on how to successfully grow this genus.


An excellent detailed site dedicated solely to this genus. Designed as "and intended to be a place for Turbophiles to meet and exchange information".


This genus has experienced a growing interest in recent times. A good site with lots of information on this and related  genera.


Another specialist site providing coverage from Angolluma through to White-sloanea. A must-see site for stapeliad devotees.

Australian Online Nurseries


This is a quality Australian (Queensland) site specialising in hybrid echeverias. Mail-order sales are available.

If you love Echeveria cultivars, then this is the site for you; browse the many fascinating images until your heart's content!.

Australian Nurseries On-Line

Great resource for Australian on-line and catalogue nurseries.

GardenWeb Australia

Good resource for Australian on-line and catalogue nurseries.

Cacti in Oz

An Australian forum for the discussion of topics on cacti and succulents; perhaps you may find the answer to your question through this forum.

Roraima Nursery

Roraima Nursery is a unique and exciting nursery situated in Lara on the outskirts of Geelong, Victoria.


Cactusland is located in Melbourne, Australia. They cultivate and sell a large range of Cactus, Succulents and other unusual plants, many of which are available via mail order.

Cacti & Succulents R Us

 'Australian Desert Blooms' - located in Bellbird Park, Queensland. Excellent plants at reasonable prices; accepts mail orders.

Special Links 

The Cactaceae - Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family by Britton and Rose

The Carnegie Institute has made available, free of change, in digital format, the four original volumes of this famous monograph. Each volume is represented by two PDF files - an image file containing scans of the original (including numerous colour plates of the delicate artwork of Mary Eaton) for use as direct depiction (not searchable) and a text file, searchable by word or symbol.

Click on the link opposite - you will, however, need a PDF reader to access the files. In need, download a free version of Adobe Reader X here.  

The History of Succulent Plants by Richard Bradley (1688-1732)

This publication, first printed for the author in 1716, has been digitised by the Missouri Botanical Library. It is believed to be the first published book containing references to cactus and other succulents.

The Royal Horticultural Society of NSW Inc.

Welcome to the website of the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW (Inc). 

Cactus and Succulent Digital Library

This is a specialist site which makes available, in digital format, a wide choice of titles (books, catalogues, etc.) devoted to cacti and other succulents. These titles are either in the public domain or the authors have authorized making them available on this site.

They are free, complete and in PDF format: you can download them in two clicks. If you do not have Adobe Reader software, download a free copy of the latest version here

  Online Journals

Boletin de la Sociedad Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Cactaccea y otras Succulentas (ie Bulletin of the Society of Latin American and Caribbean Cacti and Other Succulents)

This bulletin is published three time a year and its prime focus is the cacus and other succulents of Latin America. Published in Spanish.

The Cactus Explorer

Published in English by The Cactus Explorers Club of the United Kingdom. Volume 1 was published in August 2011 and the Club's intention is to publish four editions per year, although there is no formally fixed publication dates.

Very good coverage of both cactus and other succulents.


Published by the Working Group Schutziana, Fichenwalde, Germany, with the text in English.

This is a specialist journal for Gymnocalcyium aficionados.


This is another specialist journal covering the genus from which it derives its name.

Main text is in German, with brief abstracts in English.

Beautiful photography, which alone is worth a look.


Published by a Romanian association of the same name as the journal. It is the first bilingual (Romanian and English) online publication dedicated to the study and cultivation of xerophytes.

Each edition carries a good range of articles, much of which is in English.


The "little sister" to the Avomia Journal, both of which are German-language publications, published by the Fachgesellschaft andere Sukkulenten (the German Soiety for Other Succulents), which caters for certain special interest groups such as aloes, haworthias, euphorbias, asclepiads, mesembs, yuccas and winter-hardy succulents.


This is a Frech language, quarterly journal published in January, April, July and October by Le Cactus Francophone. 

The objective is to provide articles and information on cacti and other succulents. Very good quality images which, alone, are worth browsing.

Acta Succulenta

A quarterly journal, published by Collegium Europaeum pro Plants Succulentis, devoted to succulent and xerophytic plants and their environments.

Three versions of each edition are published, each in a different language: Italian, French and English.

Sansevieria Online

As the name suggets, this German language journal is dedicated to the genus Sansevieria.

The Cactician

This is a serial publication by Roy Mottram, Whitestone Gardens, England, designed to allow Mr Mottram the flexibliity to quickly publish articles and data.

All editions are hused on the website of the International Crasulaceae Network, Switzerland.


This is another serial publication, published by the Crassulaceae Network, Switzerland, containing misscellaneous notes and observations by the ICN.