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The badges illustrated below are available for purchase; please make your selection from the drop-down menu immediately above the PayPal 'Add to Cart' button below.

CSSNSW Official Badge

The badge on the left is the Society's official badge from which the Society's logo on the Home page of this site was designed.

Price: $7.50 each, inclusive of postage and handling.


[Note: This badge has a "brooch-type" fastener on the reverse, and may also be worn on a chain - loop included]

Cacticon 2010 Badge

The badge on the left was struck in 2010 to commemorate 'Cacticon 2010', the twenty-first Australasian Cactus and Succulent Convention. This convention was sponsored jointly by the CSSNSW Inc and the Western Suburbs Cactus Club Inc. It was held at Panthers Club, Penrith in October 2010.

This is a limited edition badge and once the small stock has been exhausted, will not be reproduced.

Price: $4.50, inclusive of postage and handling. 


[Note: This badge is fastened by a "post" and buterfly clip on the reverse.]