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Our Patron


               SIMON AINSWORTH

In September 2013, Professor David Mabberley, resigned his post as
Executive Director of the New South Wales Royal Botanic Gardens and
Domain Trust. As we had, for several directors beforehand, asked him
to fill the honorary position as our Patron, the result of his resignation for
the Botanic Gardens left the Society without a Patron. So unfortunately
the Society has been without a Patron for the last two years.
The appointment of a new Patron has never been far from the committee’s
thoughts and at the last meeting of the committee it was voted unanimously that we approach Eden Gardens and Garden Centre’s owner and Managing Director, Simon Ainsworth to now fill this position. The committee felt that Simon has supported the society faultlessly over the past three years providing the space where we hold our meetings and shows for very little cost to the society.

Simon Ainsworth is Executive Director of Eden Gardens & Garden
Centres and Eden Landscapes, operating across four centres in Brisbane,
Melbourne and with head office at Macquarie Park employing over 160 staff.
He is a qualified horticulturist with an Associate Diploma of Applied Science
(Horticulture) from Hawkesbury Agricultural College (now University of
Western Sydney) after studying earth sciences and Psychology at the
NSW University as part of his Special Honours in Psychology (Arts).
Simon is a member of the Australian Institute of Company
Directors having graduated in the Company Directors Diploma
Course run in conjunction with the University of New England.

Simon has worked in small and large business including public companies for 29 years. He has lived in the UK managing European, Middle East and African
markets, is a director of numerous private companies, has served as a public
company board member and has been involved in two Initial Public Offerings.
Simon also holds long standing licences and approvals in over 50 international
jurisdictions in association with the operation of an Australian listed public company.

Since opening his 2.5 hectare Eden Gardens and Garden Centre
in 2004, the garden centre in Sydney has, for three years in a row
(2011-2013), been voted “The Best Large Garden Centre” in NSW
and ACT by the Nursery and Gardening Industry of NSW and ACT.