Why not become a member of one of the most interesting horticultural societies in Australia?

Annual Subscription Fees for the Society’s financial year (commencing on 1 April), which includes four issues of the Journal, are as follows:

Full membership entitles the holder to full rights of a member under the Society’s Rules, including voting at general meetings, library access and a copy of the Society’s quarterly journal.

Associate membership is designed for spouses or partners of full members. An associate member is entitled to exercise all the rights and privileges of a full member but cannot vote at any general meeting, requisition or participate in requisitioning a special general meeting or receive a separate copy of the Society’s journal, other publications or notices. Only available in conjunction with a Full membership.

Junior membership is for full-time students under the age of eighteen.

Overseas membership is designed for individuals or entities outside of Australia who wish to become members of the Society. Overseas members will receive a copy of the Society’s quarterly journal.

Membership 1 Year
Full Membership $30
Full Membership plus Associate* $35
Junior** $15
Overseas Full Membership $45
Overseas Full Membership plus Associate* $50

* spouse or partner of Member – Associate Membership is not available independently). The Associate Member does not receive a Journal.

** full time student under 18 years of age

All payments are in Australian dollars (AUD).


Full + Associate